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We offer best services in terms of patient care, comfort and technology. We use most advanced and proven techniques – often unavailable in the region – to deliver freedom from glasses and contacts.

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Kiran Lasik Laser & Eye Care is equipped with the latest state of art diagnostic and therapeutic surgical equipments
to provide high quality eye care including low stress surgery.


A centre with excellent patient care by well trained staff.

Our Services

Take your first step towards brilliant vision with the region-renowned laser eye surgery expert Dr. Karan Sarwal
at Kiran Lasik Laser & Eye Care Centre on Bathinda Chandigarh Highway, Rampura.


Contoura Vision

Contoura LASIK Surgery is a cutting-edge innovation in spectacle removal technologies that uses laser vision correction and is FDA-approved. The Contoura procedure, in addition to correcting your spectacle power, corrects corneal abnormalities and works on the visual axis, resulting in remarkable visual outcomes. Many patients can see better without their glasses after Contoura vision surgery. There is also much less glare around the lights. Contoura Vision (CV) is a type of surgery that uses 'Laser Vision Correction' to remove spectacles. Contoura Vision not only improves one's vision but also corrects corneal irregularities. When used on the Visual axis, it produces an adequate sharp visual result that LASIK and SMILE cannot match. At Kiran Eye Care, our team of eye specialists evaluates each patient's unique eye condition and prescribes a treatment plan that will result in an excellent and high-graded visual result. Read More


Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery includes the utilization of a laser to change the state of the surface of eye called the cornea. By adjusting the state of the cornea, laser eye surgery can evacuate any centering error, much the same as wearing a couple of glasses or contact lens does. The distinction is that laser eye surgery is a changeless arrangement, so you can live to the full once more, and appreciate clear vision without the problem and confinements of wearing glasses or contacts. Your eye doctor will perform a thorough eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure. He or she will evaluate: the shape and thickness of your cornea; pupil size; refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism); as well as any other eye conditions. The moistness of your eyes will also be evaluated, and a precautionary treatment may be recommended to reduce your risk of developing dry eyes after LASIK. Usually, an automated instrument called a corneal topographer is used to measure the curvature of the front surface of your eye and create a "map" of your cornea. Read More


Cataract & Refractive Services

Cataract is clouding of the lens of your eye that diminishes vision. Cataract is liable for greater part of the visual deficiency on the planet, which is a bleak actuality since it is a treatable condition. As per WHO measurements, in India, there are in excess of 12 million visually impaired eyes of which 80% is because of cataract which is a preventable sickness. Propelling age is the most prominent reason for cataract. Surgery is the main treatment for cataract. In cataract surgery, the blurred lens is supplanted with Intra Ocular Lens. Focused on presenting the latest innovation and technology in the ophthalmic space, Kiran Lasik Laser and Eye Care Center is one of the best cataract surgery hospitals in the region. The Refractive Surgery Services are vision correction techniques for patients who are over 45 years old and frustrated with their reading glasses and decline in vision. Refractive Surgery is also known as the Lifestyle Lens because it allows patients to return to many of the activities that they enjoy. Catract and Refractive Services include treatments like Multifocal IOL, Phakic Intraocular Lenses (ICL/TICL), Toric IOL. Read More


Medical Retina

The retina is the light-detecting tissue that dwells in the back of your eye. It is responsible for transferring images to your brain. Without a healthy retina, you can't read, drive, or see fine subtle elements. A retinal disease or ailment influences this critical tissue, which can influence vision to the point of visual deficiency. Regular retinal conditions incorporate floaters, macular degeneration, diabetic eye sickness, retinal separation, and retinitis pigmentosa. There are other issues that can happen, however, these conditions are probably the most widely recognized and genuine that one can experience. We are expertized in treatment of patients with diabetic retinopathy, diabetic maculopathy, choroidal neovascular membranes (CNVM), eales disease and retinal vasculitis, branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO) and central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO), retinal breaks and lattice degeneration with holes, Central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR), proliferative vitreo-retinopathies and many other retinal disorders. Digital fundus fluorescein angiography (STEREO), visual fields and laser are available for management of these cases. A Diode laser is available for anterior and posterior segment with endo photo coagulation attachment.
Read More


Neuro Ophthalmology

Neuro-ophthalmology is an ophthalmic subspecialty that addresses the relationship between the eye and the brain, specifically disorders of the optic nerve, orbit, and brain, associated with visual symptoms. Neuro-ophthalmologists provide comprehensive clinical care to a broad spectrum of patients with visual disturbance from optic nerve diseases, central nervous system disorders, ocular motility dysfunction, and pupillary abnormalities. Over 50 percent of all intracranial lesions involve the visual or oculomotor pathways. Kiran Lasik Laser & Eye Care Centre offers you a dedicated Neuro-Ophthalmology Service for the diagnosis and treatment of these neuro-ophthalmic disorders. Some common diseases that a neuro-ophthalmologist may see include optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve), optic neuropathy, papilledema (optic disc edema), ocular myasthenia gravis, brain tumors affecting vision, idiopathic intracranial hypertension or pseudo tumor cerebri, unexplained visual loss, headaches and double vision. Read More


Cornea & external Disease Services

The clear, protective, outermost layer of the eye is the cornea. Its dome shaped surface covers the front of the eye and is considered the most important tissue for vision. Along with the sclera (white of the eye), the cornea serves as a barrier against germs and other elements that can harm the eye’s components. All the light that enters the eye is bent by the cornea. If the cornea becomes damaged through disease, infection or injury, the resulting scars or discoloration interferes with vision by blocking light entering the eye. We provide expert, comprehensive medical and surgical management of diseases of the cornea and anterior segment, including immunologic diseases of the cornea, keratoconus, corneal ectatic disorders, and ocular infections. We also provide surgical services such as corneal transplants and anterior segment reconstruction.Read More


Contact Lens

Contact lenses, like eyeglasses or LASIK, can correct your near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. Contact lenses have been around for more than a hundred years. During that time, much advancement have allowed just about everyone to wear contact lenses. If you were told in the past that you couldn’t wear contact lenses, odds are that’s not true today. There are more convenient and healthy contact lens options than ever. They must be prescribed and properly fitted by an Optometrist. Your Optometrist will evaluate your visual needs, your eye structure, and your tears function to help determine the best type of lens for you. We routinely fit Spherical, Bifocal, Toric, Colored lenses. Custom lenses lke Rose k2 and regular Rigid gas permeable lenses, Scleral lenses and Prosthetic lenses. Read More


Squint and Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Services

A squint is the common name for 'strabismus' which is the medical term used to describe eyes that are not pointing in the same direction. Squint is relatively common in children and 2-3% of the population suffers from squint. Pediatric ophthalmology is a sub-specialty of ophthalmology concerned with eye diseases and vision care in children. About 80% of learning in the child’s first 12 years come through his eyes. Children are not aware of their vision disorders and mostly grow with this. Truly, diagnosis can help prevent many eye diseases. The Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Service provides comprehensive primary care for the diagnosis and management of infant and child vision and common childhood vision disorders. It also performs surgery to correct ocular misalignment and double vision in children and adults.The physicians of Kiran Lasik Laser & Eye Care provides variety of diagnostic, medical and surgical services for all eye diseases in infants and children, as well as eye muscle disorders (strabismus) in both children and adults.Read More


Orbit and Oculoplasty Services

Oculoplasty is the art and science of plastic surgery around the eye. The eyeball is a delicate structure, protected from harm by eyelids in front and the bony cup (socket) behind. Behind the eyeball run the nerves , arteries and muscles, which carry messages to the brain, move the eyeball, and provide nutrition to the eye. Oculoplasty deals with all these structures surrounding the eyeball. The Orbit & Oculoplasty subspecialty at Kiran Lasik Laser & Eye care Centre is a distinct subspecialty in ophthalmology, which deals with the various diseases of the eyelids and orbits (sockets) including orbital cancer & orbital tumors. These include a vast spectrum of disorders and are managed by Oculoplastic surgeons who are highly trained in the field. Read More


Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Glaucoma results when the optic nerve, which is the cable that connects the eye to the brain, becomes damaged. The condition is often associated with high pressure in the eye causing deterioration of the optic nerve tissue over time. In many patients, this disease is painless and develops over many years without any symptoms until the vision loss is permanent. A comprehensive eye exam that includes checking the pressure of the eye is important to help evaluate and monitor for disease. Diagnostic testing such as color photos, ocular coherence tomography (OCT), and visual fields can help diagnose and monitor glaucoma. Glaucoma is a chronic disease that can usually be controlled through treatments such as prescription eye drops and medications, laser treatments, and surgery. Dr Karan Sarwal is Glaucoma Specialist and expertized in diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Read More


Diabetic Eye Disease

You should plan to make regular eye doctor visits when you have diabetes. High blood sugar can lead to problems like blurry vision, cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy. In fact, diabetes is the primary cause of blindness in adults ages 20 to 74. To diagnose diabetic eye disease effectively, we recommend a comprehensive diabetic eye examination that includes the following procedures like Distance and near vision acuity tests, A dilated eye (or fundus) examination, which includes the use of an ophthalmoscope. In a dilated eye examination, it is the pupil that is dilated—not the entire eye. This allows the examiner to see through the pupil to the retina. Visual acuity tests alone are not sufficient to detect diabetic retinopathy in its early stages. A tonometry test to measure fluid pressure inside the eye. A fluorescein angiography test, if more serious retinal changes, such as macular edema, are suspected. Fluorescein angiography is an eye test that uses a special dye and camera to look at blood flow in the retina. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) testing may be used to gain a clearer picture of the retina and its supporting layers. OCT is a type of medical imaging technology that produces high-resolution cross-sectional and three-dimensional images of the eye. Also, an Amsler Grid test can detect early and sometimes subtle visual changes in a variety of macular diseases, including diabetic macular edema. Read More


C3R/ CXL Crosslinking

Collagen Cross-linking is a treatment for keratoconus which has shown great success is Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin (C3-R®*) or CXL, a one-time application of riboflavin eye drops to the eye. The riboflavin, when activated by approximately 30 minutes illumination with UV-A light, augments the collagen cross-links within the stroma and so recovers some of the cornea’s mechanical strength. C3-R®*, developed at the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany has been shown to slow or arrest the progression of keratoconus, and in some cases even reverse it, particularly when applied in combination with intracorneal ring segments. The treatment is performed in our operation theatre under complete sterile conditions. Usually, only one eye is treated in one sitting. The treatment is performed under topical anesthesia (using anesthetic eye drops). The surface of the eye (cornea) is treated with application of Riboflavin eye drops for 30 minutes. The eye is then exposed to UVA light for 30 minutes. Hence, the treatment takes about an hour per eye. Read More


Advance Diagnostic Facilities & Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is approved by US-FDA claiming highest of safety in specs removal procedures.


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Provides essentials of measurement and analysis data for cataract and refractive surgery. It stand among top notch technology for scans required in cataract and refractive surgery.


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